Construction Worker

by: Richard Barber
© 2007 by the author


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I often visited the Adult bookstores and theaters along Telegraph Avenue in downtown Oakland, California. There was always a variety of, gay. Bi, and straight men, searching for quick satisfying sex.  Nearly all of the places had an assortment of glory holes, and someone waiting to either service your cock, or wanting to be serviced.

One afternoon, as I was making my customary rounds, I spotted a straight looking hunk going to the back rooms to one of the booths.  It was late afternoon when most men had just gotten off work, and were looking for a quick blowjob before they went home.  After my eyes became adjusted to the semi-dark room, I started looking around for this hot guy 

I guessed he must be a construction worker because of the way he was dressed, in his scruffy work boots, faded blue jeans, held up by a large belt, a Dockers work shirt and a Raiders ball cap on his head.  He had a couple days of unshaven beard and had a small dirty blond mustache on his upper lip. He looked to be about 6 foot 4 inches tall, and weighed a solid 210 pounds of hard solid man.

I quickly bought a roll of quarters for the movie booths and went to the back room. He was standing by the movie selection area looking for a good movie to view.  Immediately, four other men were in pursuit of him. He was a man’s man.   I discovered it was not wise to be too forward to most straight men. It could be a turn off, so I waited and played it coy.  He studied the movies quickly and headed towards one of the booths, turned and glanced back at me and then went inside one of the movie booth, shut and locked his door.  Before he could even sit down, two hungry fags rushed to the adjoining booths on each side of him.  “Damn.”  I said to myself.  “I lost that one quickly.” but thought I would wait around, hoping he wouldn’t like the movie and move to another booth.  The movie soon stopped. He came out of the booth, and back to the movies selections where I was still standing.  Then he spoke to me in his deep masculine voice.

 “Fuck. These movies are lousy.  I have better ones at my pad. My name’s Terry.  Here’s my address.  Bring over a couple 6 packs of Bud and be there in about 20 minutes. It’ll be worth your time.” He said. Then he turned and left me standing there with my mouth open.

I was stunned but quickly came back to my senses, and left the bookstore. I went to the liquor store nearby to pick up a 6 pack of beer, hopped in my car and headed to the address he gave me. I was familiar with the area and soon found the address.  It was in a low-income housing development, clean but small apartments. I quickly found his place and anxiously knocked on his door. I heard a voice say,

“ Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!  Hold your jock shorts.  I’ll be right there!“

The door opened and here stood my construction hunk, completely nude except for a jockstrap.  He motioned for me to come in.  I followed him in thru the small hallway to his living area.  I observed his firm buttocks framed in the straps of the jock.  He quickly stripped out of his jockstrap, flopped down on the couch, adjusted his balls and said to me.

 “Well?  Where the fuck is my beer? I need a cold beer right after a day of hard work.   Pop one open for me cocksucker, then get yourself over here between your man’s legs and enjoy my big cock while I enjoy your cocksucking mouth on my salami.” He said as he shook his large flexible cock at me. 

He had the TV on and was watching his fuck films on the VCR.  This was a hot looking masculine and demanding stud.  I had experienced this type of treatment before by the two city motorcycle cops that lived in my apartment.  I discovered it ‘turned me on’. I was to do his bidding and satisfy him without question. It could be dangerous going to a stranger's apartment, but I had good judgment about my partners. This guy was big and strong and could probably snap my neck with one twist, but underneath this hunk, I sensed a gentle man.  A man that needed to be in control, and pursued sexual pleasure when ever he needed it. 

As I looked around the room, I observed a picture of a woman on one table. His furniture was anything but feminine.  An overstuffed leather couch and matching chair filled the small room along with a 17-inch TV, an end table with a lamp, and a floor lamp in one corner.  It was obvious he had lived in a larger place before moving here.

When he came home from work he stripped and his clothes were either on the floor or on the end of the couch.  He had tossed his sweat stained jockey shorts on the floor next to his feet, and his dirty socks lying across his shoes by the other chair. His faded work jeans were over the arm of the chair and his belt was touching the floor. A couple empty beer cans set on the floor next to an ashtray with a half smoked cigar.

He had medium length sun streaked blond hair and tattoos on the upper part of his body. His large muscular shoulders and upper forearms had matching American eagle heads. . On the back of each hand was a small blue star. I hadn’t noticed any tattoos on his backside, except the bright red lips tattooed on one of his tight muscular buttocks.  I wasn’t much for tattoos but whoever did the artwork on him did a good job. Some guys look hot with tattoos and Terry was one of those guys. 

The scent of the manly body sweat is often like an aphrodisiac during sex to many people.  To me, his scent was more like the combination of a vanilla-almond aroma. Perhaps it was his chemical balance.  I was on the floor already admiring the perfection of his large uncircumcised cock, and was kissing it with respect, when he looked down at me and said.

 “I knew you were a cock worshiping cocksucker the first time I saw you.  You blew me one time last week in that same bookstore.  It was the best head I’d ever received and was hoping I’d run across you again.

Okay, buddy.  Show respect to my cock and make me feel good once again.    Start by licking my dick and nuts until I am ready to shoot my first load of jizz in your fucking cocksucking mouth.  I’m fucking tired of beating my meat and need to pop my nuts a few times tonight.  Let me enjoy this fuck film, and sip on this cold beer while you make my prick feel good.” He said as he spread his legs, lifted his nuts and took another sip on his beer.

I quickly positioned myself comfortably between his legs for a nice long cocksucking session.  I was his to command and wanted to please this hot deserving straight stud.  His cock started to become firm almost immediately as I made love to his manhood.  He was really getting off at my admiration of his perfect cock.  Nothing pleases me more than to satisfy a man that enjoys the sensuous manipulation of my tongue and hands.  I continued to pleasure him while he gave me verbal instructions and appreciation of my cocksucking.

 “Oh yeah, cocksucker.  Lick the sweat off my balls.  Get that tongue working on my foreskin and lick out the sweet headcheese I have for you, you lucky bastard.  Get it nice and clean before you suck some more man juice from that dick.  Yeah! Yeah! That’s it. Put that tongue in that piss slit and make love to my dick. Fuckin yeah. Babe. That’s what I like.  Oh shit.  This is gon'na be good. “ He kept talking to me as I made love to his firm cock.

As I lovingly lifted his large cock from his big soft hairless balls, it soon began to harden.  I was excited at the way he talked dirty and demanding to me.  It’s always so much more erotic and motivating when your partner enjoys your lovemaking.

I inhaled the musky scent of his balls and the area between his thighs.  I caressed his balls and gently lapped up his man shaft, directing my tongue into the opening of his foreskin. He commanded me to clean the ‘head cheese’ from his cock, but only a small amount of clear salty pre-cum oozed from his large tulip shaped cock head.  A light odor and taste of his smegma was present, but it was not unpleasant at all.  As I searched under his hooded foreskin, his dick began to harden and continued to expand until it was at least 10 to 11 inches of man cock.

I was in cocksucker’s heaven giving head and tasting this man’s pulsating organ.  He was moaning because of the happiness I was giving him, yet his continuous verbal talk kept pleading for more pleasure.

 “Oh my god.  What a fantastic cocksucker.  Keep going!  Keep going!  I am about to cum.  Suck it man. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.  Just keep doing it that way.  My god, what a feeling! Fucken yeah!“  Terry said

Even though I didn’t want him to cum yet, it was evident that I had him on the edge of sexual ecstasy. We both knew he was going to burst forth the fortified man sperm stored in his scrotum. He was yearning to be released.

 “Oh you’re gonna get that load, babe. Oooohhhh. I need to shoot my load! Suck the juices from my prick. Drain my nuts.  Oooohhhh baby. Make your man cum. Make me cum now.  I love it.  Ohhh yeah. Unn, unn, unn. Don’t stop. Take my cum, cocksucker! Ohhhhh!” Terry kept saying.

His breathing became more erratic, his body started to tremble with the knowing of the coming pleasure he was about to receive.  Then he yelled out with the primeval sounds of enjoyment as he ejaculated into my welcome and encouraging mouth.

 “Aaaawww fuck! Aaaawwww fuck. Take it! Take it! I can’t hold off any longer. Drain my balls. Aaaaawwwww shit. Aaaawwwww.” He yelled out.

Streams of sperm spewed forth from his cock and into my mouth as he gasped with quick, uncontrollable jerks and spasms of his body.  I swallowed quickly so I would not choke on the gobs of man cum he was expelling. I savored the taste of most men’s cum, and this one was no exception.  I swirled the sweet liquids of his orgasm around in my mouth to taste his love juices before each swallow.  It was delightful to my taste. Sweat ran from every pore of his body.

It was awesome, as seemingly, pints of cum shot from his balls, up his shaft, to be released from the large tulip shaped cockhead, out of the large piss slit and into my mouth. As I encircled his cock with my hand and lips, I could feel the muscles pulsating during his ejaculations.  I had never had a man cum so much for me in one session.  I didn’t exactly count the shots of cum from his body, but it must have been 7 or 8 big ones, before he subsided. Not once did I move away from his orgasmic release even though some of his love juices overflowed from my mouth, I eventually lapped every drop of his precious cum into my mouth and down my gullet.

I removed my t-shirt and meticulously dried the remaining moisture and sweat from Terry’s balls and action area. I was careful not to disturb the sensitive area around his cockhead that was now slowly withdrawing into his foreskin. It had a good workout, and was still sensitive to the touch.  Terry’s mind and body was in a state of oblivion. His eyes were closed and I thought I sensed a slight smile of satisfaction on his face.  A good sexual climax was good for the body and soul and evidently I had given Terry what he needed to unwind.

I took a deep refreshing breath, adjusted myself on the floor between his legs, and rested my head on his thigh. Terry stirred slightly, cleared his throat and spoke softly to me.

 “I think I just died and went to heaven!” he said, then paused and placed his hand on the back of my head.

“ Man that was so damn fuckin good.  You know what you’ve done, don’t you?  You’ve spoiled me.  I’m gon'na need your attention all the fuckin time now.  You’re gon'na have ta make yourself available to service your man anytime and anyplace I need you.  My dick is in need of a good cocksucker like you. You are better than any pussy I ever had.  None of my women can compare to your expert cocksucking. Fuck! That was awesome.”

I felt proud that this hunk told me I was needed to service him often.  I knew this stud could have any woman he wanted and yet he found our sexual encounter better and more satisfying that any he had ever had. I gave his semi-soft cock one more kiss before lifting my head to look into his steel blue eyes and smile. 

Terry smiled back at his cocksucking cock worshipper.  This dude truly enjoyed making him sexually happy.  He didn’t even know my name but knew he had found a dude that loved his cock and knew how to respect it more than anyone he had ever known.  Terry always knew he had a good body and a great cock, but never had anyone made love to it like this dude did.  Terry slowly sat up.

 “I gotta take a piss.  Come with me and direct my dick to the toilet bowl. You seem to have such reverence and love for my dick, so I’ll let you hold it for me while I piss.” Terry said as he stood up from the couch and headed to the toilet. “By the way, cocksucker, what is your name?”

 “ My name’s Richard, Sir, but you can call me Dick.”

Terry turned slowly to look at Dick then laughed.  “Good name to call you. ‘Dick?' How appropriate.  Are you for real? Then he jokingly added. “Dick, the Dick sucker. And I like the way you call me Sir.” Terry said as he moved on down the hallway to the toilet. 

Dick had never held a man’s penis in his hands as he pissed.  It sounded exciting and kinky.  Terry was still naked when he stood over the toilet waiting for Dick to guide his piss into the bowl. Soon the piss started flowing from Terry’s cock into the toilet.   Terry had never had anyone hold his cock while he pissed.  He had to concentrate a few seconds then a stream of golden piss splashed into the bowl.   He looked at Dick as he respectfully held his cock. He was finished for now, and waited as Dick shook off the last few drops of piss from the cock.  Terry’s cock was already becoming semi-hard and soon it would probably be at full mast wanting to be sucked off again. For some kinky reason, Dick bent over and licked Terry’s cock head to clean the last drop of his man’s piss.  Terry waited one more moment as his cock server squeezed out the last drop of piss.

 “At-a-boy. Get that last drop from your man’s cock.  Let’s go back to the couch and you can get me up again.  I need to drop another load before I let you leave.” Then we both headed back to the couch to continue with more cocksucking.

Terry grabbed a large bath towel to place under his buttocks on the leather couch where Dick would be sucking him off again. He would have another beer and watch fuck film tapes on his VCR while his new cocksucker would be pleasuring him again. He lit up a big stogie and motioned for Dick to continue. 


Terry became one of my regulars, and I saw him over a period of several years.  I was introduced to a few of his buddies, and since I was Terry’s ‘official cocksucker’, I was to service a few of his choice friends as well.  It sounds as though I was his slave, but Terry treated me very well. He knew I was a devoted cock slave and cum slut, and lined me up with some pretty hot studs for me to service as well.  He made sure no one ever treated me unkindly and would always be there if I needed him. 

Terry was crude in a way, but he was a hot demanding straight stud and we both appreciated our sex together.  On occasion, he would lift me off my feet and give me a big brotherly macho bear hug and a quick kiss. He never did remarry but would date and fuck some pussy, but he always came back to me.  He liked to remind me that he was my man.

Part 02, Mack  

I still visited my straight construction worker, Terry, once a week at his apartment in Oakland.  I never got tired of sucking his magnificent manly-uncut cock, and he never complained of my service.  He would call in the late afternoon when he was just getting off work, and tell me to come over to his place. I could hear the background noise of a bar where he usually had a beer with the other construction workers before going home. He would say to me in his commanding deep voice.


“Dick.  Pick up a six-pack of Bud and come over to my place. I had a hard day today and need to get my nuts off before I hit the rack.  Be there at 8. “ Then he would hang up.


When I arrived at his apartment, he was usually naked, except for a sweat stained jockstrap and construction boots.  Most of the time he had just arrived home from work, and still had that manly musk smell and taste, but he was never funky or dirty.   His uncut cock frequently had the taste of smegma beneath his foreskin, and sometimes a salty taste of beer piss.


 During some of our sessions, he would place an x-rated movie in the VCR, light up a cigar, and place his leg over my shoulder, still wearing his boots.  He enjoyed my licking and sucking on his big low hanging balls, and would lift his leg for me to lick and rim his hairy ass.  He used me for his pleasure but knew I enjoyed every moment of our sexual perversions.


Terry wasn’t my usual sexual encounter but it must have been that deep desire to be used by a macho butch stud.  I was at his command and wanted to please him.


Our meeting was usually the same.  He would open the door, naked, and then would welcome me with a grunt while he shut and locked the door after I entered.  He would place a dirty movie in the VCR, set down on the nearby leather couch, while I took off my shoes, shirt and pants and positioned myself on the floor between his strong hard legs, and respectfully lifted his balls, gripped his cock in my other hand, and kissed his manhood.  I would take a deep whiff of his manly body, run my tongue under his foreskin and start the pleasure of sucking his cock. I always had good control of his orgasmic releases, and would take my time, before his first orgasm.  Then we would relax while he sipped on another beer and sometimes smoked his cigar.  I continue to caress and make love to his manhood until he was hard again, and then get him off a second time.


 After his second orgasm, he would get up to take his piss, but would always leave a few drops for me to savor when he returned. I had never drunk a man’s piss until my cop friend, Bart, had forced me to swallow his piss.  After the first couple of times, it became easy to swallow.  I was so hot for this stud that I had the desire to drink down his next load of piss.


I was about to get up to dress before leaving when Terry said to me.


“Set down.  I’ve a fellow worker that’ll be here any time now.  He’s a married man that works with me at the construction site.  We were talking about blowjobs and cocksuckers today, and I told him I had a punk that serviced my cock anytime I needed to get my nuts.  He seemed shocked, but later, during our lunch break, he started asking me more about you and if I would share my cocksucker with him so he could get off too.


 I’ve invited him over tonight.  He is a good-looking man about 35 and has never had a blowjob from a dude. Treat him right and give him one of your best, but just remember, you’re still my personal cocksucker and I’m only doing this because he is a friend.  Relax now and get ready for more action.  He may be shy at first, but I know you can get him interested.


I was a little surprised at his suggestion, but found it exciting to service another man in his presents. I hoped I wasn’t disappointed with this stranger or he with me.


Soon there was a knock at the door.  Terry went to the door and invited his buddy inside the apartment.  Then there was some low talking conversation before they both entered the room. 


“Mack. You and Dick get acquainted while I get us a beer….and take those damn pants off.  How do you expect my cocksucker punk to blow you if you have all your clothes on? Terry laughed as he left the room.


Mack laughed nervously as he set on the edge of the couch.


“He really gets right to the point, doesn’t he?”, Mack said.


“Yeah, he’s kind of blunt, but that’s what you’re here for, so let me take off your shoes while you unbutton your shirt.  You can watch the porn on the TV while he gets you a beer.  I don’t bite, so relax and enjoy this.    You’re a hot looking dude.  I see you are married.  Does your wife ever give you head, or is this the first for you?” I said as I tried to make Mack feel comfortable while taking off his shoes.


I’d learned long ago to tell a dude how good looking he was, or how hot his tattoos were on his body, or how big and beautiful his cock was.  Men love to be flattered just as much, if not more than women.  Men always seem to be the one that had to tell his woman how beautiful they were, so why not tell a guy how handsome he was?  It always worked for me…. besides this Mack was a hottie.  He had soft blond curly hair protruding from his ball cap, and filled his work shirt very well. He had a broad chest and strong shoulder muscles. He was wearing a white body shirt under his checkered shirt and white jockey shorts under his tight work jeans.  He had more clothes to remove, and it will be interesting to find out what was concealed under his work clothes. 


I had his work boots off and as he stood to remove his shirt, I started unbuttoning his jeans.  I immediately saw a bulge hiding under his tight briefs but they would be off soon too.  He lifted his feet one at a time so I could pull off his jeans. Now he was only in his body shirt, white jockey shorts and white work socks.  He was a sexy dude.


I pressed my head against his hard erection. He sighed faintly as I looked up to see his eyes closed and his hands resting on his hips.  I blew my hot breath thru his shorts and took a nibble on his hard penis.  As he got harder while his cockhead protruded from the top of his elastic band.  I kissed up his cloth-covered bulge and licked the head of his exposed cockhead.  Small amounts of clear pre-cum had started to ooze from his manhood.  I licked, for a taste of his oozing man juices, then kissed his cockhead as I pulled down his tight shorts.  His hard prick sprung out like a javelin.  I pulled his shorts down to his ankles and took an admiring look at his beauty.  His cock was long and perfectly shaped.  His balls were covered with fuzzy light blond hair.  I cupped his tightly drawn balls in one hand and placed my wet mouth around his large pink tulip cockhead.  His piss slot was now oozing sweet cum.  It was a bit salty, but delightful to the taste.


Terry had quietly entered the room with two beers, and set on the other end of the leather couch.  He adjusted his balls, and took another drink of his beer while observing our actions.  Mack was not even aware of Terry’s return until Terry set his beer on the coffee table.  Mack opened his eyes as Terry relayed to him.


 “He’s a damn good cocksucker.  Wait until he really gets started.  You’ll ask yourself why you haven’t done this before.  I know I did. Here’s your beer. Now relax and let this cocksucker work on your prick.” Terry continued as Dick serviced Mack.


Mack was enjoying his new pleasurable experience so much that he didn’t care if Terry was in the room.  He slowly set himself down and lifted his legs for Dick to pull off his remaining shorts.  Meanwhile Dick moved back into position between Mack’s legs to continue to pleasure his newfound treasure.


Dick adjusted Mack’s balls and penis as he set on the leather couch.  Mack took a drink of his beer, placed one arm on the backside of the couch, and nodded to Terry in approval.  Now he was more relaxed and was going to let Dick pleasure his body while he indulge in sexual fantasies while he the movie playing on Terry’s TV.  Mack had never experienced a ‘suck job’ from either a woman or a man, even though one of his earlier girlfriends would lick on his cock head before he fucked her.  This was a great sensation.  He could just kick back; drink his beer, while some dude was pleasuring his fuck stick.  No wonder Terry was bragging about his fag friend.  This was good.


Dick was mesmerized with the beautiful phallic before him.  He would lick up one side and down the other, enjoying every inch of this stud.  He didn’t have the musky scent that Terry did, but every person tasted different, even their sperm had different taste.  It depended on their diet, and what they drank and smoked.  Mack’s ball sacs were smaller than Terry’s. but was a delight to lick on. They were like two soft eggs in the lose skin of his sacs. As Dick sucked lovingly on Mack’s manhood, his other hand cupped his balls.  One finger eased its way under his ball sac and to the moist warm crevice of Mack’s ass crack.  The minute he touched that tender pink opening, Mack’s cock got harder as he let out a sigh and gripped the back of Dick’s head.  He started pumping his throbbing cock into his mouth, begging for release.  Then he cut loose with a deep groaning sound, and shot his load of sperm into his cock sucker’s mouth.  Dick held on for fear Mack would try to pull away when he came, but instead he arched his buttock off the couch to give Dick his much-needed release. Mack gasps and moaned for a few long moments then flopped his ass back down on the couch to enjoy the aftermath of his first cocksucking orgasm.


“Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.” Mack blurted out. “That was just awesome…never knew a blowjob could be that good!  Wow! That was awesome!” Mack repeated as Dick continued to savor Mack’s juices.


“I could get use to that!”


“I told you it was great to drop a load while getting sucked off, didn’t I? That dude can suck the juice out of me everyday and I could never get enough.  Why the fuck did I marry that cunt anyway, when I can get my nuts off with an appreciative cocksucker like Dick.  Huh?” 


Then both men laughed, as Dick was finishing licking Mack’s remaining juices from his dick and balls. 


“Fuck.  You got me horned up again just watching you two perform.  Dick. Get your sweet cocksucking mouth over here and get me off again before you go back to that asshole for another load.  Your master needs to get off again. I’ve got it hard and ready, cocksucker, now come over here babe, and show how much you appreciate your man’s cock.


Dick was an obedient cocksucker and enjoyed the masterful demands of Terry.  He placed himself between Terry’s strong legs, and using his expert cocksucking procedures, had Terry ready to shoot another load.  After Dick savored the beer tasting cum from Terry, he moved back to Mack to get him off for the second time.  This went on for most of the evening as Dick switched back and forth between the too hot stud cocks until they were drained.  After several pleasant orgasms, Terry spoke out.


“This fucking cocksucker never gives up.  See, why I like to have him around? He sucks me off, until I’m almost exhausted, and yet he never seems to get enough.  I think his mouth is like a nymph whore that never gets enough cock! ...Fucken yeah, He’s my dude!”


Terry said as he rubbed the back of Dick’s head in appreciation of his service. 


“I think I will let him come to our construction site this week, and share his expert cocksucking mouth with some of the other dudes. Perhaps he’ll get enough cock and cum to do him for the day.  What do you think, Terry? Do you think the other men would appreciate a good blowjob during their breaks?”


“Fucken yeah. If they didn’t they are crazy, and just think; you don’t have to worry about getting him knocked up. Sure, but let me go right after you do.  I think that bastard foreman would want to use him all day, if he got the chance.  He is a horny son of a bitch.  I’ve seen him jacking off behind the stack of lumber several times, and once time he was shooting his load right off the 12th floor onto the people below.” Mack said as both men laughed.


 “Well my cocksucking fag, do you think you can handle 12 horny construction crew members sometime this week?  I can get you past the guard and we’ll play it by ear.  I know you’ll enjoy it. I’m one of the oldest bastards there so if you like hot young studs, you’ll have a ball, or should I say several.” Terry said as he slapped Dick on his bare rump.


“Now, get us off one more time before we get some sleep.  Mack, you can stay if you want, and Dick is spending the night, since we don’t have to work tomorrow.  Okay, cocksucker, drain us one more time.” Terry said as Dick took his semi-hard cock back into his mouth to suck out another load of cum from his master and Mack, his friend.


Part 03, TERRY’S Card Game


I thought it was going to be a quiet weekend until the phone rang that afternoon. I let it ring a few times, and then picked it up before my phone recorder started to answer.




“Hey Dick?”  What ya doing buddy? It’s me, Terry.  Me and some of my buddies are having a few beers and shoot'en some pool.  I want ya to meet a few of my working buddies. Are ya game?  I’m at Rudy’s Bar and Grill - ya know, the one at the end of Pier 9?”


“Yeah Terry I know the place.  It’ll take me a few minutes, but I'll be there as soon as I can.  I’m not too good at pool so don’t expect much.”


“That’s okay. I want a introduce ya to a few of my ‘asshole buddies’.  Ya never know what might develop; besides, I might need some of your good head later on tonight.  So I’ll see ya within the hour!” Then Terry hung up.


Terry had never introduced me to any of his construction buddies before but I had eyed a few as I drove by the construction site where he worked.  I slipped into some worn tight jeans, an old sweatshirt and scruffy hiking boots. I felt I’d fit right in with the construction crew.


I soon found the Rudy’s Bar, parked my car, took a deep breath and headed into the smoky bar.


The dark room was filled with the smell of beer, cigar smoke and musky workmen. I got an instant hard on and found an opening at the bar to buy myself a beer.


“Hey cocksucker! ” A familiar voice called out.  “Get me a beer then get yourself over here.” Jerry called from the pool table. 


I would normally shudder when a masculine redneck yelled derogatory comments at me in public, but that’s just Terry’s way of talking.  No one thought a thing about it.  Most of these dudes were always calling each other names.


The bartender placed another beer on the counter and gave me a nod as I paid him before heading to the pool table. 


“You’re just in time to meet some of my ‘asshole buddies’.  The ugly one on the stool we call ‘Birdie’ cause he operates the crane. The big hippy-looking dude there is ‘Robbie the riveter’, and that black-son-of-a-bitch with the huge arms, we call Hercules. Guys, this is Dick, my favorite cocksucker.” 


Robbie appeared to be the youngest of the four men.  He was tall and thin with long shoulder length hair and a tattoo on both his upper arms.  He wore tight torn jeans with the knees ripped out.  His pants were so tight I couldn’t help notice his long cock hanging down the right side of his leg.  He was wearing nothing but a leather vest exposing his rippling stomach muscles and his ‘innie’ belly button. I thought he was the most desirable of the men yet each had their own special appeal. 


The men all gave me a subtle acknowledgement. Robbie reached out to ‘fist my fist’, Birdie gave me a salute and Hercules just nodded and grunted.  I nodded back at the men and handed Terry his beer.


“I want ya punks to treat my buddy with respect.  He’s given me lots of pleasure and if you’re lucky I just might loan him out for a few rounds.  Now, let’s finish this fuckin game before we hit the road.  Dick, take a seat, and watch an old pro at work.”


After they finished that round of pool and several beers later, the men were ready to head out for some poker at an old vacant warehouse where they meet every week. They grabbed a few 6 packs, and then we were on our way.  We were within walking distance so we left the trucks and my car where they were parked.


Once inside the warehouse we went upstairs to vacant offices.  One room had a large conference table where they played cards.  They pulled up chairs at the table while I made some coffee at a small kitchenette. Each of the men grabbed a beer and started a card game as I put the remaining beers in the refrigerator.


“Men, take off your shoes and pants and get comfortable.  Dick. Get us another beer and those cigars on the top shelf then make yourself useful by getting under the table and giving us a sample of your talented ‘cock sucking’ mouth.  Start with me and show your ‘daddy’ how much you love my cock.”


The other men didn’t seem to be shocked at Terry’s instruction and they quickly removed their shoes and pants. I heard Robbie say, “cool” as he quickly removed his boots. I took a quick glance at their cocks just before each made themselves comfortable at the table. 


“What are you waiting for cock sucker, get under the table where you belong, faggot.”  The men laughed, moved their legs under the table, drank their beer and lit up their cigars, like it was a regular routine.


I obediently kicked off my shoes and clothes and crawled under the table. What a sight.  Four hunky studs, legs spread, their balls resting on the wooden chairs while their semi-hard cocks were waiting to be serviced by their cock-sucking faggot.


I positioned myself between Terry’s strong firm legs, drinking in the pleasant scent of his musky body. I moved up his legs and lifted his ball sack and kissed them while I guided my hand up his stiffening hard cock.  The scent of his uncut cock was sweet with the odor of dried cum and beer piss.  I licked and cleaned his cock and encircle my tongue under his foreskin.  His cock began to slowly harden while sweet pre-cum juices oozed from his piss slot.  I heard him moan and take a deep breath.


“Oh yeah, cock sucker. Love your daddy’s baby maker. Fuck, that’s awesome.  Suck it punk. Suck my dick.”  Terry scooted down in his chair to give me better access to his hardening cock. “Oh fuck.  I may just give you a load before I let you pleasure these assholes.”


“Fuck. How in the hell can I concentrate on a card game, when I’m about to blow my load?  Hell with this game. Keep sucking, cock sucker. Fucken Yeah.  You dudes are in for a treat.  Best cock sucker in town. Oh, shit.   Umm. Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Lick those balls, baby. Shit I’m gonna cum already. Yeah.  Damn, Here it comes.  Take it! Take it now! Ummmmm.”


I continued sucking and making love to Terry’s big hard cock.  I think he was more turned on by his buddies witnessing his orgasm.  He came with such force I bumped my head under the table, but never missed a stroke or a drop of his juicy cum.  I swallowed and savored his juices until he slumped and completely relaxed. I laid my head on his leg to catch my breath as he reached under the table and rubbed my head in appreciation. 


I gazed at the other cocks under the table.  They were all hard and ready to go. I moved to the left where Birdie was sitting.  Birdie was the quiet one.  He was a clean-cut Hispanic man, about 35 years old with short dark hair, mustache, and a hairy body.  As I moved between his legs to examine his long uncut cock and low hanging balls. He spread his legs and reached down to adjusted himself.


 He brushed against my head with his rough, calloused hand, and guided my head to his crotch. I took the head of his penis and explored the small opening of his foreskin.  The tip was wet with pre-cum.  I ran my tongue in and around the opening and licked and savored his sensitive pink cockhead. He moved forward as if to say, ‘have at it, cock sucker, drain my cock!’


He pushed my head down on his cock as I engulfed all 7 ˝ inches of cock.  His body trembled.  I gently gathered his tight golf ball testacies in my left had and guided his cock with my right hand.  His cock was now fully erect and ready to be serviced.  I knew Birdie was going to come quickly so I slowed my pace and licked my way down the outside of his wet cock to his balls.  He scooted down to give me better access. His body was clean but had the musky scent of a working man.  I licked around the base of his balls then back up to his cock to drain the sperm from his long juicy penis.


“God, Terry, I see why you like to get a suck job from this dude.  Man, this is good, damn good.  Oh yeah, cock sucker you’re about to get my load. Go for it, Go for it Gringo.”


Birdie grabbed the back of my head muttered something in Spanish, and held me down on his cock.  I gagged and then felt the cum shooting up his long cock and down my throat.  I let him enjoy the orgasm then pulled off just enough to get a good taste of his salty beer tasting cum.  I went back down on him again as he scooted further under the table and moaned, shooting more cum down my throat.  I swallowed hard, and then came up for air while licking the remaining juices from his cock.  I took a deep breath and went back down on him until his cock became soft in my mouth.


“So was I right when I said this cock sucker loves to drain the cum from a man’s dick?” Terry laughed.


“Fuck yeah. Man he drained a week’s load in just a few minutes.  Man that was great. Why don’t we give Dick a beer break and let him wash down our loads?


“Hey no fucking way dudes. You made me so hot I’m ready to dump my load into his mouth right now.  Get over here and take my load before I shoot on the floor.”  Robbie pleaded.   I immediately moved between his legs as he moved back from the table and stood.


“Come out from under the table and give me some good cock sucking head.  I want to watch your fucking mouth swallowing my shaft and see your tongue lick my fucking hairy balls.  Come on out, fucker.”


I slid out from under the table and kneeled in front of this hot demanding stud.  I looked up to see him gripping his hard throbbing cock in his right hand and pinching his tits with the left.  His cut cock was about 8 inches long and at least 6 inches around.  The head of his cock was round like a tulip with a large piss slit. As I moved to service Robbie, the other men watched intently.  He slapped his hard cock against my face a few times, then grabbed the back of my head and shoved just the head of his cock into my mouth.


“Hold it right there. Punk!”


He paused then I felt a small amount of warm piss trickling into my mouth.  Then I knew what he was going to do. I tried to push away but his hand held me tight over his cock.


“Drink my piss, cock sucker. You’re a cocksucking whore that needs to take my piss.  Drink it fucker!


I felt an immediate stream of hot piss squirting down my throat. I took a deep breath and swallowed as fast as he was relieving himself.  A few trickles dripped from the corner of my mouth.  It went down so fast that I could hardly taste it, but I could feel a stream of warm liquid going down my gullet. He stopped as quickly as he had begun.


“You’re nothing but a piss drinking, cock sucking pig.  Stay down there and lick my balls and eat my ass, pig.” 


The other men seemed a bit surprised at the demanding tone that Robbie used to get me to drink his piss.   As soon as he finished, he wiped his wet cock on my face and shoved it back into my mouth.


The thickness of his cock made it hard to swallow but I somehow managed.  I licked up and down his thick shaft and then sucked his balls into my mouth.   As I released his balls, he spread his legs and shoved my head into his ass crack.  He roughly shoved me to the floor, squatted over my head and sat directly over my face.  He spread his ass cheeks and forced me to lick the brown puckering asshole.  The other men were standing near by watching closely while pumping their own hard cocks.


“Eat my asshole, you ass-licking pig.  Lick my funky hole and clean it good.  Yeah. You are a punk ass licking pig and a piss drinking man whore.  Rim it good. Make it feel good and I’ll let you suck my cock again bitch.  Clean it good.”


Robbie was really into this kinky sex thing.  He pushed me around and forced me to do what made him feel good.  He proceeded to jack off as I ate out his tasty asshole.  Suddenly he pulled his ass off my face, told me to lick his balls.  I could hardly breathe.


Robbie lifted me to my knees again and shoved his cock back in my mouth.  This time I had more control and started giving him some good head.  This went on for a few minutes then I knew he was building up to shoot his load into my mouth.  I moved faster and faster and then he grabbed my head and held me as he cursed at me, calling me obscene names while he started shooting a tremendous load of cum into me.


I could see the other three men standing over us jacking off.  I felt warm loads of cum shooting on my back and on my face as Terry and Birdie shot a second load of cum on me.


I thought this would cool the men off and we could all sit down and rest before I gave them another round of blow jobs….but I was wrong.  I hadn’t forgotten about the big black dude Hercules nor had he cooled down.  The scene just aroused him immensely, and now he was ready to have his way with me. 


As the other men sat down to have a beer and smoke their cigars, Hercules walked over to me kneeling on the floor, picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and laid me over the table.  He quickly spread my ass cheeks, dropped to the floor, and suddenly started licking my ass crack and tongue fucking my tight pink asshole.  I was surprised at the suddenness of his assault but pleased at the tongue fucking he was giving my asshole.  He took a quick mouthful of beer, spread my ass again and forced the beer into my asshole.  It was a new and delightful sensation for me.  Then he stood, poured more beer over his huge 11-˝ inch cock and guided it to the opening of my ass.  He was determined to use me as his fuck boy. 


“Oh no!” I can’t do that.  I’m still a virgin. Please no!  You’re too big. You’ll kill me with that ‘donkey dick’.  Terry. Please stop him. I can’t do it.  I can’t do it.”  I pleaded with Terry.


“Too late now.  Once Hercules has made up his mind, there was no stopping him.  Just relax and spread your buns.”  Then Jerry and Birdie each grabbed one of my wrists and held me down on the table.


I looked over at Robbie to see if he would help me.  He just smiled and said he wanted to watch Hercules fuck me as he moved back behind the table to watch the cock go into my ass.


“You’ll love getting fucked by his big dick, then after he has broken your cherry, we’ll all take our turn.  Go ahead Hercules, I’ll get you some Crisco from the cabinet so it will be easier on your cock.”


 To hell with it being easier on his dick I screamed inwardly to myself.  How about my tender ass hole?  I had never taken a cock up my ass before.  What had I gotten myself into?  This huge donkey dick will kill me.  I looked up at Terry for some help but he just held my wrist tighter and stuck his dick close to my mouth.


Soon Robbie returned with some packing blankets for the table, and lubrication for Hercules dick.  He started applying the thick lube on Hercules huge dick while the other men moved the padded blanket on the table.  It was hot seeing this straight guy putting lube on another dude’s dick.  I tried to relax and think about how good it might be and not to think about how bad it could be


Terry must have realized my fear and moved by Hercules and started placing his lubricated finger up my ass.  First one…then another… until he had three fingers up my ass.


“You better let me break his cherry first, then after I have filled his hole with my lube, you won’t have any trouble getting your big dick in his ass hole.  Besides, since he’s my punk, I should have the honor of fucking him first.”


In a way I was grateful that Terry was going to be the first to fuck me.  He had a good eight inches but it would be easier to take than Hercules’ 11 ˝ inches of man meat.  Hercules stepped aside and seemed to agree with Terry. 


Terry told me to lie on my back and put my legs on his shoulders.  He said he would take it easy until I could take his cock. 


“I’ve wanted to take your cherry from the first night you blew me, but you’re such a good cock sucker I never thought about it again. I don’t want Hercules to ruin your ass before I get to it.  I might want to use it again. Now lift your legs and let’s get the show on the road.” 


“I’ll be gentle, at least for a while, but once I get started I won’t promise you anything.  You have such a hot fuckable butt.  If you’re as good a piece of ass as you are a cocksucker, we’re in for a treat. Relax and let’s open your man pussy.”


I was still anxious about getting my ass fucked for the first time, but I was in no position to argue with four horny construction men.  Terry lifted my legs, put the head of his dick to my anus and moved it around until the head of his cock was past the ring.  I tensed again and waited until Terry gently moved in an inch at a time.  I’m glad he was going to be my first.


Robbie was still close by jacking on his big cock and watching intensely.  “Shove that cock to him.  Once it’s in, the slut will love it.  Shove it all the way in.,” he said again.  Robbie had a sadistic temperament, but I was still turned on to him and looked forward to him using me again.


Terry managed to move his cock into my anxious tight hole.  Then he pulled out slowly and eased back in again.  My god, I was actually taking his big 8-inch cock all the way, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Wow!  It even started to feel good. 


Terry started to move in harder and faster.  I could feel his cock swell to full size. 


“Ok, pussy boy, you’ve got my cock all the way and now I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.  Damn. You’re tight and so warm.  Better than cunt pussy.  Oh Yeah.  This is really hot. Mummm. Nice.”


Meanwhile Birdie came closer and put his cock to my lips.  His cock was oozing pre-cum again and tasted good.  I held his balls and gave him a deep throat.  Robbie was behind Terry watching and waiting for a turn at my ass.  Terry was good at fucking and soon got into a smooth even pace.  I could feel his big balls slapping against my ass.  His breathing became faster and faster then he moaned. I felt his warm cum shooting inside me.  As he swelled and shot his load he pressed his cock against my prostrate and caused me too shoot all over myself.   This, in turn, caused Birdie to shoot his load all over my face and into my mouth.   


 “Fuck man, I’m cumming. Oh Yeah. I’m cumming. Damn, cocksucker you feel so good.  Damn.  Ah yes.  Mummm.  Take it deep babe -- take it good and deep.  I’m breeding you, man; I’m breeding your sweet warm asshole.  “Mummm,” Terry said as he unloaded his big load in me.  It was awesome!


Terry looked down at me and gave me a shit-ass grin and winked.   “Ya liked that, didn’t ya?  Not only are ya my cocksucker, you’re my pussy boy as well. Now that wasn’t so bad huh?  Stay right where you are.  Robbie wants some of that good pussy ass and has some more cock for you.”


As Terry slowly slid his cum covered cock out of my wet hole, Robbie quickly moved in, grabbed one of my legs and guided his hard cock into my ass hole. 


“You bet your damn fucking punk hole I do.  Gonna ride you good.  Show you how a cocksucking punk ass slut needs to be used,” he said as he shoved his big cock into me with one fast and quick shove. He slammed into me so quickly I almost lost my breath, but I grabbed his hips and held on.  I let out a moan more for his sake than my own.  Thank goodness I was full of Terry’s spunk, otherwise Robbie’s sudden entry would have ripped me open.


 He pounded me hard and fast, then would pull it all the way out and shove it in again and again. His wet sweaty balls hitting against my ass made a slapping sound.   “Look at me punk.  Tell me how you like being fucked.  Tell me how you like a big cock being shoved up your pussy hole.  Tell me slut.  You like it don’t you?”


“Yes sir.  I like your big cock fucking my pussy hole.  I’m your slut.  I love being fucked.  Fuck me. Fuck me hard.  I want your cock.  I want your man juices.”


I stared directly into Robbie’s face as he continued fucking me like a wild man.  I reached up and started rubbing his hard firm chest and pinching his protruding nipples.  He seemed to like this rough treatment and started to fuck me even harder and faster. He snarled thru his teeth.


“Ah yeah, Ah Yeah.  Good pussy boy takes it like a man.  What a fucking slut asshole pig.  You need to be rough fucked everyday.  Damn!  I’m cumming up your pussy.  Oh Yeah. Unnnn, Unnn.”


Robbie came hard and fast.  Sweat was running down his chest and abs.  I collected a handful of sweat from his chest and rubbed it all over my body.  My cock was hard as a rock but I didn’t want to cum again so soon.  Robbie squeezed my face with one hand then leaned over and gave me a deep hard kiss on the lips. He paused for a few seconds then quickly pulled his cock out of my overflowing cum filled ass and rubbed it on my stomach. He got around beside me and forced his wet cock in my mouth.


“Clean my cock off, fuckin asshole. Don’t like to waste it.  Clean off the cum that’s mixed with Terry’s cum. Damn! You’re such a pig.  Clean my sweaty balls, too.”


I savored his cum coated cock and licked his musky sweaty balls.  He suddenly turned, got up on the table and sat on my face again.


“Lick the sweat from my ass crack and clean out my shit hole again.”


Birdie and Terry had moved to the other table and were having a beer while When Robbie was satisfied with my ass licking he moved off my face just as Hercules moved between my legs ready for his part of the action.


“Want me to go to the head and clean up before we fuck?”


“Hell no!  You’re just good and ripe.”


When I was relaxed Hercules stood, looked down at my well-used hole and guided his cock head into the tender opening.  By this time I was hot and ready to be fucked again.


 The other men gathered around as he put his 11-˝ inches against the opening of my anus then gradually pressed forward.  Soon a couple inches of his huge brown cock was easing into my wanting hole, then more and more.  I could feel it stretching me open.  There was a strange pleasantness to the pain as he inched his huge cock deep into my body.  My cock hardened immediately and I shot a load on my stomach and face.   I was in heaven.  Never had I felt such a pleasurable sensation. I was hooked on getting my ass used by big manly cocks.


Hercules fucked me long and hard for about 20 minutes, and then he pumped me so full of cum that I could feel it oozing out of my ass hole around the huge dam formed by his cock.  I shot my load two more times as he fucked me and now I was covered with cum. I was totally exhausted as he eased his long thick brown cock from my body. 


Un huh.  Look at all that sweet cum oozing from your man pussy.  Babe, you’re a hot number.  As soon as I rest up, I want some more of that manhole. Now go get cleaned up and rest before we gangbang you again.”


I got up and tried to stand on my uncooperative rubbery legs. Robbie took hold of my arm.


“Come with me, Punk.  You need to get your fuck hole cleaned out before we use you again. Take this beer and follow me.”


We went to the head where there were several urinals, a couple of booths and a large shower.  “I’ve something special for your punk ass hole.  Get in the shower and bend over. I said bend over!” Then he gave my ass a hard slap.


I was so tired I couldn’t resist even if I wanted to.  Robbie was so forceful and demanding that I found my dick getting hard again.  He slam-dunked his hard cock into me with one hard shove. I would have thought that by now my ass would be numb but the pressure from his sudden movement made me cry out. 


“Please take it easy.  I’ll need to use that hole again.” 


“Shut the fuck up, bitch.  You should be thanking me for fucking your slut ass.


 Robbie fucked me fast and rough again but when he finished cumming in my ass, he held me tight against his hard muscular body and jacked me off until I shot yet another load against the shower wall. As I began to relax, I could feel my ass being filled with something warm.  I realized that he was pissing inside my ass.  It felt good but by the time he finished I felt like I was going to burst.


“Hold that in you until I pull out, then you can go into the booth and empty your fuck hole.  This should clean you out good.  Clean up now bitch and we’ll see you in the other room.”


Robbie was doing everything he could to humiliate me. He enjoyed being the forceful stud. I cleaned up and took a shower before going back into the other room.  The men were actually playing cards this time.  No one except Terry looked up as I slipped into my jeans and grabbed myself a cup of hot coffee. 


We stayed until early into the next morning.  I managed to suck off the guys again and Terry fucked me again after the other dudes went home. He said we would have to do all this again next week and he might even bring along another two guys to enjoy a good blowjob or a piece of my ass.


End of this series…for now anyway.



Posted: 11/28/08