My Sweet

 by: Aaron Stick

© 2008


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My lover wrote to me and called me sweet,

when I know that he is the sweet one. 

So I wrote this...........

...........And dedicate it to him...........


.......To Drake


No, NO, NO, It’s all about you…


the taste of your lips, is sweet,

the touch of your hair, is sweet,

your tongue deeply searching my mouth, is sweet,

the tease of the light in your eyes, is sweet;

the sweat of your pits pressed into my face, is sweet,

the sinew of your arms caressed by my fingers, is sweet,
the silkiness of the hair on your legs moving against mine, is sweet,
the strength of your bubble-butt under my hands, is sweet;

the feel of your abs on my tongue, is sweet,
the firm coolness of your toes on my belly, is sweet,
your fingers caressing my bare back as I lie on top of you, is sweet,

the friction of your naked skin sliding against mine, is sweet;

your taut calves coiled around mine, is sweet,
my tongue stabbing deep into your boi hole, is sweet,
the tense softness of our hard cocks squeezed between our torsos, is sweet,
my tight ballsack rolling in your mouth, is sweet;

the heady aroma of your pubes, is sweet,

the heavenly slickness of your pre-cum on my tongue, is sweet,

your hand on the back of my head holding our kisses together, is sweet,

your high pitched moan of pleasure, is sweet;

your soft word in my ear, is sweet,

our steel cocks in each other's mouth, is sweet,

and smelling every part of your body till I am intoxicated and delirious, is sweet,

your supple nipples exploding to hardness in my mouth, is sweet;

my cock filling your ass with my liquid love, is sweet,

the constant taste and feel of your pre-cum on my tongue, is sweet,

the curved roughness of your scrotum on my tongue and in my teeth, is sweet,
your cum gushing down my throat, is sweet;

exploring each part of you in the dark with my tongue, is sweet,
electing to reverse all of our roles because we are equal, is sweet,

eliciting pleasure in all of your nerve endings for an ultimate joyous orgasm, is sweet, 

elevating our love to the highest plane, is sweet;

your mind merging with mine, is sweet,
our bodies merging with each other, is sweet,
our souls completely complementing each other, is sweet,
your cock filling me making us one, is sweet;

fully tasting every part of your body till it is memorized, is sweet,

falling into a post-orgasmic sleep wrapped around each other, is sweet,

feeling our hearts beating hard against each other's muscular chest, is sweet,

forever knowing I could love you just like this, is sweet;


 our first kiss of the day, is sweet,

the first time in the morning you tell me, “I love you”, is sweet,

your face gracing my eyes with joy and love as we wake in the morning, is sweet,


finding the ability to love each other again in the new day, is sweet.



Posted: 04/18/08